Mission, Vision and Values


Street Health works to improve the health and well-being of homeless and under-housed individuals in southeast Toronto by addressing the social determinants of health* through services, advocacy and education.

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A healthy community where all members have equitable access to housing, income, quality health care and services necessary to achieve optimal health and well-being.


The following "core values” determine our commitment to each other and to those who have experienced homelessness.

  • Social Justice and Advocacy: Street Health is guided by a social justice framework and is committed to advocating for social and economic equity. We believe that access to health care, adequate income and affordable housing is a fundamental human right.
  • Diversity and Equity: Street Health’s work is rooted in anti-oppression/anti-discriminatory practices. We value and promote diversity and equity within our workforce, community partners and the population we serve.
  • Collaboration and Innovation: Street Health staff, board and clients work collaboratively with each other and with our community partners. We work together to develop and provide creative programs, services and resources that are responsive to our community’s needs.
  • Client Centered Low Threshold Care: Street Health’s programs and services are low threshold and are accessible, inclusive, non-judgmental and flexible. We recognize client’s rights to self- determination.
  • Harm Reduction Approach: Street Health’s harm reduction focus ensures that people who use substances are treated with respect and without stigma and that substance related problems and issues are viewed systemically. Street Health provides services in a non-judgmental way regardless of substance use.

*Income and Income Distribution, Education, Unemployment and Job Security, Employment and Working Conditions, Early Childhood Development, Food Insecurity, Housing, Social Exclusion, Social Safety Network, Health Services, Aboriginal Status, Gender, Race, Disability