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If you are sick, they will take care of you
This symbol was used by American "hoboes" in the earlier part of the twentieth century. It indicated "if you are sick, they will take care of you here".

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Street Health

30th Anniversary, 2016

Together we can make it work


Community Health Program: Overcoming Barriers

randy and chos street health

The Community Health team provides long-term and intensive case management support for people in the downtown east end of Toronto who are struggling with mental health issues and are either homeless or precariously housed.

We aim to support people in accessing and maintaining basic needs such as shelter, housing, legal assistance, income supports, food, and health care.  We also provide information and referrals, individual and systemic advocacy, and supportive counselling. We provide accessible and flexible support, primarily on an outreach basis in the community. 

The program is rooted in an anti-oppressive, harm reduction framework and is informed by the understanding that issues of physical and mental health are often determined and exacerbated by social conditions – conditions often shaped by the economy and public policy. We therefore believe that the health inequities suffered by those who live in poverty are systemic, avoidable, and unjust.

Street Health works toward improving living conditions and challenging systemic barriers to health and well-being. We believe that access to decent income and safe, accessible, and affordable housing is pivotal in building healthier, stronger communities.


Referral criteria, clients may access our Community Health services if they:

  • ·        Have a serious and persistent mental health issue;
  • ·        Homeless or at risk of becoming homeless;
  • ·        In our catchment area (Lakeshore to Bloor Street, Yonge Street to the Don River); and
  • ·        Require long-term and intensive case management support, and not already have these supports.

 To self-refer or to make a referral, please contact our Clinical Manager

Joyce Rankin at 416-921-8668 ext. 240 or








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