Street Health

338 Dundas Street East
Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2A1
Tel: 416-921-8668
If you are sick, they will take care of you
This symbol was used by American "hoboes" in the earlier part of the twentieth century. It indicated "if you are sick, they will take care of you here".

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Street Health

30th Anniversary, 2016

Together we can make it work




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Annual Reports

Street Health Annual Report 2015-2016

Street Health Annual Report 2014-2015

Street Health Annual Report 2013-2014

Street Health Annual Report 2012-2013

Street Health Annual Report 2011-2012
Street Health Annual Report - 2010-2011
Street Health Annual Report - 2009-2010
Street Health Annual Report - 2008-2009
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Street Health Annual Report - 2006-2007


Homelessness - Diverse Experiences, Common Issues, Shared Solutions: The need for inclusion and accountability (March 2009)
Homelessness, Mental Health and Substance Use - Research Bulletin #4 (October 2008)
Homelessness and Crack Use - Research Bulletin #3 (Fall 2008)
Women & Homelessness - Research Bulletin #2 (Spring 2008)
Homelessness & Hepatitis C - Research Bulletin #1 (Winter 2008)
The Street Health Report 2007
The Street Health Report 2007 Highlights & Action Plan
Be Part of the Solution: Using the Street Health Report 2007 to help address homelessness
Failing the Homeless: Barriers in the Ontario Disability Support Program for Homeless People with Disabilities (June 2006)
Failing the Homeless Summary Report: Highlights and Recommendations for Action
Street Health Research Bulletin Fall 2005
The first Street Health Report, from 1992.

Other Publications

SUPER HOs - Women in the Know: The Safer Stroll Project Manual (January 2010)
The Crack Users Project: A Manual (Winter 2007)
Best Practices in Harm Reduction Peer Projects (Spring 2007)

Street-Based Sex Workers Needs Assessment, 2014

To The Point: A How-To Guide for Creating an HIV Prevention Peer Program for Sex-Trade Workers


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