Health Care at Street Level

Street Health is a non-profit community based agency that improves the health of homeless and under-housed people in Toronto. We offer both physical and mental health programs. Our work is focused in the neighbourhood around Dundas and Sherbourne Streets, an area with the largest concentration of homeless shelters and drop-in centres in Canada. 

We provide our services on the street, in parks, and in homeless shelters and drop-ins. The people we work with have lives characterized by extreme poverty, chronic unemployment, insecurity in housing, poor nutrition, high stress and loneliness. They also have more frequent and serious illnesses, and die younger on average than the general population. 

Essential Facts about Street Health

  • Provides outreach nursing, mental health support and case management, HIV/AIDS/Hep
    C prevention, a secure mail service, and identification replacement and storage.
  • Formed after a group of homeless people met to discuss discrimination in health care, and  identified nurses as the people they would feel most comfortable going to for care.expenditures

  • Opened the first Street Health nursing station in September, 1986, run by a group of volunteer nurses. It was located at the Toronto Friendship Centre drop-in at Sherbourne and Dundas.
  • Adheres to a harm reduction model.
  • Provides education on health and homelessness to the public and workers in the health, social service and government sectors.
  • Advocates for both clients and for enduring social and political solutions, as we believe our services should not be necessary.



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