Strategic Priorities for 2019-2022

Street Health’s strategy reflects our commitment to building a healthy organization delivering critical care—as long as is necessary. These goals build on a rich history of accomplishments in helping homeless and under-housed people in downtown Toronto.

The Board and Staff embarked on an ambitious process in the spring of 2019 to develop a new three-year Strategic Plan for the organization. Through an inclusive and participatory strategic planning process, Board and Staff worked together to identify our priorities. We gathered feedback from Staff, Board Members, key Community Stakeholders and incorporated the voice of our Clients.

Over the next three years, we will move forward in these strategic directions:

  • We will continue to enhance access & reduce barriers to our services
  • In partnership with people with lived experience & other stakeholders, we will work toward ending the overdose crisis
  • We will collaborate in community-based advocacy for systemic changes to achieve social justice for people who are homeless, under-housed, and street-involved

From 2019 to 2022, we have set some ambitious targets to start working towards achieving these goals.

  • OPS Liasion

    Improved physical space
  • Enhanced staff capacity & knowledge to address the diverse needs of clients
  • Improved coordination of services internally & externally
  • A Safe Drug Supply in place
  • Expanded levels of Overdose Prevention services
  • Increased engagement with people with lived experience in the development and delivery of programs & services
  • Progress toward drug decriminalization
  • Increased involvement of people with lived expereince in advocacy
  • Enhanced involvement in cross-sectoral networks
  • Enhanced communication strategy                   
    (Photo: Overdose Prevention Site Advisory Committee)