Advocate for the Homeless

Homeless and under-housed people need our collective voices speaking up in support of a caring society. 



The opiod overdose crisis is the leading public health issue across Canada, the province of Ontario and right here in Toronto. [Toronto Overdose Information]. It is therefore Street Health's most pressing Advocacy issue, and saving lives in our communities will count on your support.

The Ontario Government, however, doesn’t believe a life-saving Overdose Prevention Site (OPS) is necessary at Sherbourne and Dundas, Toronto. At the end of March 2019, funding for our OPS Site was cut by the province. This, despite the fact that:

  • Our site is located at the Toronto epicenter for overdose-related 911 calls.
  • We provide this service in a community that includes many who are homeless or lack secure housing.
  • Our staff provides a safe, accessible and trusted space.
  • More than 60% of our OPS clients are women and/or members of racialized groups (who feel safer here than anywhere else).

Drug overdoses now surpass automobile accidents as the leading cause of death in Canada. OPS service is essential healthcare that saves lives and warrants Ministry of Health funding.

As services are being cut, community members are pushing back – contacting politicians, organizing fundraisers, making this issue a priority for donations and - helping Street Health keep our OPS doors open.

This essential lifesaving service and the full range of wrap-around healthcare that Street Health provides (nursing, mental health, referrals and more) continue to serve individuals who are experiencing homelessness or lack secure housing in an accessible, nonjudgmental and client-centered manner.

Every donation designated to the OPS enables Street Health to continue providing this service.

Donations can be made online.

Please add your voice to our advocacy efforts – take a moment to sign this petition.

Or send a letter - Letter of Support Templates.


Thank you to everyone who is part of this response to tell the Ontario Government that they must do more to keep people safe during this healthcare crisis


 Street Health OPS is Open


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