You have symptoms and are concerned you may have COVID-19. Now what?

January 5, 2022


As Ontarians begin the new year under the threat of COVID-19 and the rapidly spreading Omicron variant, there is still confusion when it comes to testing and knowing when to isolate. As a result, The Ontario Ministry of Health has released a diagram to help people make informed decisions when it comes to their health and the health of those around them. 

On the testing front, COVID-19 PCR tests are now being reserved for high-risk individuals, including but not limited to those who are 70 and over, people who are immunocompromised or have a severe illness, and people who are from First Nation, Inuit, and Métis communities. If you have access to a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT), you can use this to test yourself. However, if you have any of the symptoms mentioned in the diagram, a negative RAT does not mean that you do not have COVID. You should still isolate from the start of your symptoms.

You can also use this online self-assessment for instructions on self-isolation and testing.

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