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The Front Desk area serves as a first point of contact for those visiting Street Health.

Our values of being accessible, client-centered and rooted in a low-threshold, harm reduction approach are very important to the way we welcome clients and provide services.

Clients can access a wide range of information and resources on relevant services internally to Street Health and externally in the community.

Internally, we connect clients to our weekly ID Clinics, ID Safe, Nursing clinics, Harm

Reduction resources and supports and mental health case management. Clients also drop-in to pick up much-needed hygiene and harm reduction supplies that support the preventative and after-care health needs of our community.

We also refer clients to external resources in the community such as food programs, shel

ters, clothing banks, tax clinics, etc. Clients also have access to a free phone to make local outgoing calls. Approximately 115 people access various services at the Front Desk on a daily basis…totaling 26,000 client visits a year.


Client feedback:

“No appointments, hassle free, no judgement.” – Street Health Client, 2017 Client Survey


“First crime and later drugs were the center of my life. I was reluctant to access services at hospitals or agencies that operated from an abstinence-based model and my downward spiral continued. One day I was encouraged to access harm reduction services from Street Health. When I arrived, a woman welcomed me and looked me in the eyes. She was kind and compassionate. She treated me like a person and I didn’t feel judged for my choices around my drug use. I remember thinking, maybe I can still be accepted in society. That interaction was a catalyst for the changes I’ve made and live today. I want people to know that services like those offered by Street Health do make a difference in the lives of people who use drugs.”     - Andre Hermanstyne, Community Member

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