Weathered FINAL

Weathered is a digital photography exhibition & fundraising campaign raising awareness about the ongoing drug overdose crisis.


Street Health is working with Twenty/Twenty Arts to raise awareness about the critical need for overdose prevention. Until July 31, 2020 you are invited to submit a photo of the shoes and momentos belonging to a family member or friend who has lost their life to overdose.

Photographs will become part of an online exhibit in August, 2020.

For more information and photography support visit:

Twenty Twenty Arts

To make a donation to help Street Health maintain our Overdose Prevention Site:

Miranda's Slippers


Miranda's Slippers


 Miranda was a strong advocate for harm reduction. She wanted to see a reality in which people have access to what they need to live their lives to the fullest without stigma, shame, and judgment. She believed in justice, safety, and community. I wear her slippers and remind myself to do what I can to keep her dream alive.


Miranda's Slippers


Thank you to our sponsor:   greenwood3

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