Weathered Photography Exhibit



We lost Izzy, our youngest daughter, on October 27th, 2018 as a result of an accidental overdose due to fentanyl poisoning. She was 21 years young. Struggling with mental illness since her pre-teen years and having not experienced any long term relief from prescription medication, she eventually turned to trying street drugs to help her cope. Over the years, she fought hard to get sober however, the lure that some drug was going to help her find inner peace, kept pulling her back to the drug world.

Izzy had a warm and caring heart and a quirky sense of humor. She loved the music of the Gorillaz, ice cream, playing practical jokes on people, dream catchers, making jewellery, campfires, amusement rides, wearing hats, Halloween, exchanging silly texts with her sister & friends, baking, painting her nails, drawing and journaling. She had a keen sense of intuition and was drawn to native philosophy. She was very creative and you could often find her making gifts for those she cared about. Even when she was struggling, her kind heart was always there for her friends. Her smile and laughter filled the whole room wherever she was.

Our Izzy left a great void in the lives of those who loved her and she will be forever missed!

Street Health is pleased to be part of Twenty/Twenty Arts Weathered photography exhibition. Our thanks to everyone who shared photo memorials of family members and friends who have died from overdose. Your photos are a powerful statement that more must be done to prevent these overdose deaths that are killing an average of 55 Ontarians each week.

Street Health’s Overdose Prevention Site (OPS) is a part of the effort to save lives.

We provide service to those who are experiencing homelessness and stigma in Toronto’s south east region. The Ontario Government eliminated  funding for this site in March, 2019. Since that time numerous individuals, family foundation and community groups have been instrumental in maintaining this service. Your donation as part of the Weathered campaign is vital to maintain this site in the coming year.